Hans Schiller Plaza

  • Sarah Sutton and Chris Kukula, Landscape Architects, Wolfe Mason Associates.
  • Joe Ingenito, Project Manager, Trust For Public Land.
  • Marvin Yee, Project Manager, SF RecPark.
  • Fran Martin, Design Coordinator for Visitacion Valley Greenway, tile work.
  • Jim Growden, Designer for entry gates and fencing.

Opening in March 2001, Hans Schiller Plaza was the first Visitacion Valley Greenway site to be completed. Construction was supervised by the Trust for Public Land with funding from the Columbia Foundation after an inclusive community planning process. Visitors enter the Greenway from the Leland Avenue commercial area at this eye-catching and welcoming entry point. Complete with bench/retaining walls made from recycled sidewalk concrete (urbanite), a recycled wood pergola, stage/seating area and beautiful landscaping, this park site serves as the gateway to the larger Greenway and functions as a gathering place for community events. Design elements from Hans Schiller Plaza were repeated throughout the ensuing gardens, as well as the recent Leland Avenue Streetscape Improvements Project. This site has led to the revitalization of Leland Avenue and the entire neighborhood and became a source of community building and pride.