Childrens Play Garden

  • John Thomas and Irma Jarvenpaa, Landscape Architects, SF DPW.
  • Marvin Yee, Project Manager, SF RecPark.
  • Fran Martin, Design Coordinator for Visitacion Valley Greenway, tile work.
  • Jim Growden, Designer for entry gates.

The Children\'s Play Garden, completed in 2004, is a much-loved, heavily used park for this neighborhood that has a high population of young children. Local daycare groups, as well as seniors who enjoy its charm and easy walk ability for exercise, visit frequently. This special site includes an Enchanted Forest, children\'92s butterfly garden, playground equipment, Valley Viewing Pavilion and Magic Meadow. Programming in the past has included classes with the CalAcademy, local library and a special Circus event with students performing from the School of Circus Arts. This garden was created as a place for children to explore and experience nature firsthand.