Community Garden

  • Sarah Sutton and Melissa Erikson, Landscape Architects, Design, Community & Environment (formerly Wolfe Mason Associates).
  • Jennifer Worth and Jake Gilchrist, Project Managers, Trust For Public Land.
  • Marvin Yee, Project Manager, SF RecPark.
  • Fran Martin, Design Coordinator for Visitacion Valley Greenway, tile work.

The Community Garden was completed in 2008 with construction supervision and funding by the Trust for Public Land. It is located on the lot directly north of the Hans Schiller Plaza. This garden provides 26 individual gardening plots for the community and 6 for the Visitacion Valley Greenway Project's children (Green Rangers) and youth (Green Stewards) programs. There are 2 greenhouses, making this site also a Propagation Center, as well as an excellent venue for outdoor education classes for the entire community. Recently there have been 2 major DIG IN workshop events sponsored by the American Community Gardening Association, Woodbridge/Mondavi Winery, DPW, the Recreation and Park Department and the San Francisco Parks Trust. There will be future horticultural, water conservation and crafts classes and, hopefully, job training. A recent workshop resulted in the installation of a permanent demonstration for rainwater harvesting with barrels donated by the PUC. The captured rainwater will help combat drought and eliminate unnecessary runoff into the sewer system, as well as replenish the aquifer.